Support Student Parents – Vote YES for CSU Daycare! (Nov 25-27)

(QPIRG Concordia, via our Board of Directors, has endorsed the «yes» campaigns in four referendum questions, and we encourage Concordia undergraduate students who care about social justice to consider voting YES to all four. All four campaigns involve dedicated and conscientious Concordia student activists who are committed to improving our campus and community, locally and globally, by addressing issues such as Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, resisting budget cuts and austerity, as well as supporting student parents and student housing. All issues are of direct concern to QPIRG Concordia and our mandate.)
Support Student Parents – Vote YES for CSU Daycare!
Referendum Question: Do you as a member of the Concordia Student Union approve the continued prioritization and active support of the establishment of a Daycare Centre as an initiative to improve student space on campus through the student space, accessible education and legal contingency fund?
QPIRG Concordia encourages you to vote «YES»; and we encourage you to mobilize your Concordia student friends to do the same.
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