(May 1) Neighborhood Contingents

QPIRG Concordia — a community and campus-based social justice center — expresses our support for May Day resistance in Montreal! We will be joining the May 1st social and general strike, and we highlight below the neighborhood contingents during May Day.

Neighborhood Contingents (from North, East, and South-West)
There will be neighborhood convergences marching downtown to join the main anti-capitalist demonstration starting at 7pm.
The neighborhood contingents rendez-vous at 5:30pm at métros Frontenac (EAST), Mt-Royal (NORTH) and Place St-Henri (SOUTHWEST).
The Southwest contingent and the people participating in the Downtown West Gathering will be joining up to march downtown. Here’s more info about the three contingents:
NORTH (Villeray & Plateau): www.facebook.com/events/564756080294359; rendez-vous at 5:30pm at métro Mt-Royal
EAST (Hochelaga): https://www.facebook.com/events/841879619219783; rendez-vous at 5:30pm at métro Frontenac.
SOUTHWEST: rendez-vous at 5:30pm at métro Place St-Henri