UPDATE: Students VOTE NO to per-faculty fee levy referendums

Here are the official results of the per-faculty fee levy referendum question in which QPIRG Concordia urged students to vote “No”:

YES: 792 (34%) | NO: 1526 (66%) !

Students have voted decisively against per-faculty fee levy referendums, which all fee levy groups had opposed all along! Thank you to all the students came out to vote in large numbers. And a big thanks to the student volunteers, from all faculties (Arts & Science, Fine Arts, ENCS, JMSB), who joined and mobilized with the “Vote No” committee. You did an amazing job, and mobilized with a positive and constructive message! As a little reminder, here’s a link to various reasons expressed by students to reject per-faculty fee levy referendums (and a reminder too of the important resources, services, organizing, projects and initiatives offered by fee levy groups): http://concordiacommunity.org/?page_id=25