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Whether you are a Concordia student or a member of the Montreal community, someone new to activism or a seasoned organizer, you are encouraged and welcome to get involved with the projects, initiatives and groups organized and supported by QPIRG Concordia. There are many ways of getting involved:


Come by our space anytime during our office hours, and one of our staff can let you know in person how to get involved. Attend one of our events, or come by one of our occasional information tables. Read this website thoroughly to learn more about our projects, programming and resources. If you want a more formal introduction to not just QPIRG Concordia, but also activism and organizing in the Montreal-area, based on a grassroots, anti-oppression organizing framework, attend one of our monthly Activism 101 workshops.


Working Groups are the heart of QPIRG Concordia. They are groups of volunteers who want to organize around a specific issue, idea, project or campaign. Working Groups usually organize around ongoing or long-term issues, though some focus on a particular theme or short-term topic. Working groups can be comprised of both students and community members. Our current Working Groups organize on a wide variety of issues ranging from anti-war organizing to prison justice, from art skillsharing to immigrant rights, from international solidarity to independent media.  This year’s Working Groups, and previous Working Groups, are listed HERE. Contact working groups directly for more information, to offer support, or to get involved, or contact the QPIRG staff if you have any questions: info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585.


With regular meetings and active participation in all aspects of QPIRG organizing and projects, the QPIRG Concordia Board or Directors sets the organization’s agenda and direction, and supports the staff. A new Board is elected during the fall semester at QPIRG’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). People interested in joining QPIRG’s board should talk to the staff to get more information (info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585). The Board of Directors consists of a 12 seats – 6 seats are reserved for Concordia student members, and the other 6 are reserved for Community members who may or may not be Concordia students. This reflects our mandate to create campus-community links.


There are several committees linked directly to QPIRG that welcome the involvement of interested students and community members, including:

  • STUDY IN ACTION: Study in Action is an annual undergraduate research conference. The Study In Action collective plans all aspects of this unique and innovative conference, including content, logistics, fundraising and promotion. To get involved with the Study in Action collective, contact info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585.
  • RESOURCE CENTRE AND LIBRARY: The QPIRG Concordia library is always looking for volunteers to help us catalogue and re-shelve books, make decisions about new purchases, organize library-related events, solicit suggestions and donations, and more! Please get in touch at info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585 if you would like to join our resource library committee!
  • PROGRAMMING: The Programming Committee at QPIRG Concordia organizes diverse activities throughout the year, including films, workshops, panels and speakers. The committee is open to both students and community members. Contact us at info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585.
  • OUTREACH CREW: QPIRG Concordia is always actively promoting our events, on campus, and to the wider Montreal community. We get the word out through posters, flyers, classroom talks, tabling, as well as through the campus media and the internet. To join our outreach crew, contact us at info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585.
  • COMMUNITY-UNIVERSITY RESEARCH EXHANGE (CURE): CURE is a database by which students can integrate their academic research with the work of local movements and activist organizations. The CURE project includes an active committee, which supports CURE and the community groups, students and professors involved with the project. To join the CURE committee, contact us at info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585.
  • ALTERNATIVE ORIENTATION: Every year, in September, QPIRG Concordia organizes a week-long “Alternative Orientation” with diverse events and activities for both new and returning students, as well as community members. We begin planning our Alternative Orientation in the late spring and early summer. To get involved in planning Alternative Orientation, contact us at info@qpirgconcordia.org or phone 514-848-7585.