Volunteer with the library

QPIRG Concordia’s Alternative Library Committee is always looking for new members!

The Alternative Library and Resource Centre is a unique lending library and popular education space with hundreds of rare, independent, hard-to-find, and sometimes out of print, local & international books, zines, DVDs, and other resources that are free to borrow for any community member and/or Concordia student. 

Members  of our Alternative Library Committee can participate in a range of tasks in collaboration with a rad team of volunteers and our Librarian, including:

Plan Events: The Alternative Library is not only a lending library, but also a popular education space and a place for rad people who love books, zines, or discussing social justice issues. The library is open to hosting workshops, skillshares, reading groups and other related events throughout the year and as a member of the Alternative Library Committee, you can help choose and plan these events and gatherings. 

Select New Items for the Library: Alternative Library Committee members can research and recommend potential items for the library and have a say in which items are purchased.  

Write Reviews, Articles, etc. for the Website: The Alternative Library’s website, Instagram, and Facebook page could always use more cool content. Committee members are welcome to write reviews, blogs, make memes, start discussions etc. on our social media community.

Decorate or Organize the Library: Alternative Library Committee members can make signage, posters or art for the library or help set up displays in the library or just generally help keep the clutter at a minimum.

Community Outreach: Alternative Library Committee members can implement new programs and events for the community, and help make the library more accessible to members at large.

Have another idea!? If you have any other ideas for things that can be done through the Alternative Library Committee, let us know!