Our Resources

As a social and environmental justice center that is open and accessible to students and the larger community, QPIRG offers a wide range of resources. Our space includes computers with internet access and software for creative projects. We have phones and a fax machine as well as a photocopier. We have a comfortable space with couches and chairs for people to come and relax in our lounge and library, as well as to hold meetings and events. Our space is wheelchair accessible and has a reduced scent policy. The QPIRG staff are available to support you and your group and projects within the QPIRG mandate. If you have an idea, we can help make it a reality!

Workshops and Presentations

QPIRG Concordia offers workshops and presentations on several topics related to social justice, community-based research and popular education, in both English and French. In some cases, QPIRG members can present the workshop, and in other cases, we can provide referrals. We are able to offer these workshops based on our own group capacity. In offering these workshops, we prioritize the QPIRG Concordia campus and community membership. Our working groups also offer many workshops on a variety of topics related to their organizing and popular education work.

Computers and Other Equipment

We have a number of public-access computers with internet access, word processing software, and creative programs such as Photoshop and In Design. The computers are prioritized for QPIRG-related work but are available for anyone to use. We also have wireless internet access if you would like to bring your own computer here and work in our space.

In additions to computers, we also have public access telephones and a fax machine available for local calls. We also have a photocopier and printer which can be used for small numbers of copies (ask a staff member for assistance). You can also apply to our discretionary fund in order to gain access to a copy code and larger numbers of copies for specific projects.

Space Booking

We have a large and comfortable space available for meetings, events, or just to hang out. To reserve space in our lounge, library, peer support room or board room, contact a staff person and they will be glad to help. You can also visit our Space Booking page for more info before booking with us.


You can ask our board to endorse your event, project or initiative, if it fits within in our mandate as a social and environmental justice center. By endorsing your event, we can help promote it on our our e-mail list and via facebook. Send your endorsement requests to info@qpirgconcordia.org

If you would like for us to circulate information regarding your event, project or initiative, please provide us with information in this format: A title, a short summary or blurb, and a link.

Discretionary Fund

QPIRG Concordia supports community events and initiatives through our board discretionary fund. Groups can apply to the board for money in order to fund their projects or events. For more information visit our Discretionary Fund page.

Legal Fund

In addition to discretionary funding, QPIRG Concordia also offers funding to cover legal fees. For more information visit our Legal Fund page.


QPIRG Concordia produces three publications that are distributed on campus and in the wider community.  Read more about these on our Publications’ page.

Alternative Library

The QPIRG Alternative Library is a free library open to all students and community members. The library is committed to fulfilling the QPIRG Concordia mandate, which aims to promote social and environmental justice. We carry hundreds of books, magazines, zines and audio-visual items, mostly in English. Our resources specialize in social and environmental justice covering subjects such as anti-racism and colonialism, queer issues, economics and globalization, sexuality and gender, (un)popular history, media, art and culture, prison issues, labour, environmental issues and more. We also stock most films shown in our film series. We are part of a Montreal-wide online database of alternative libraries, searchable at alternativelibraries.org. To learn more about our resource library, get in touch with our librarian: qpirglibrary@gmail.com. You can also follow the Library news on the Alernative Library’s facebook page.

Events Promotion

Qpirgsprouts is QPIRG Concordia’s e-mail list by which we keep interested students and community members updated about the events and projects of QPIRG and its working groups, as well as community activities we fund or endorse. Everyone is welcome to join our newsletter by registering at the bottom of the page or share events by writting to info@qpirgconcordia.org

Community events bulletin board

We encourage you to promote your social and environmental justice events and projects by advertising on our bulletin boards and leaving materials on our pamphlet stand in the QPIRG Concordia’s entrance. Stop by any time during office hours to leave us materials!

Working Group Resources

Working Groups are the heart of QPIRG Concordia. They are groups, collectives, networks, projects, and campaigns that organize together in the Montreal community, and beyond, on a wide variety of issues directly related to social and environmental justice. In addition to having priority access to our computers and meeting spaces as well as receiving logistical and financial support from the organization, we also offer them access to two megaphones, a projector, a bike trailer, and a communauto car share membership. Learn more by visiting our Working Groups’ page.