Study in Action

Study In Action: An annual undergraduate and community research conference

STUDY IN ACTION is a grassroots research conference on social and environmental justice designed to link undergraduate students and community groups and activists. The conference is a space for students to present their work, develop greater knowledge of social and environmental justice issues, and build ties with community organizations.

Study in Action seeks to call into question a lot of the dominant perspective that gives legitimacy to traditional and academic forms of knowledge at the expense of non-traditional and non-academic forms of knowledge. We value both forms and encourage submissions that are both traditionally academic (written within the context and style of research papers) as well as those that are non-academic (personal narratives, performances, visual presentations, etc.)

Some themes discussed at past conferences include (but are not limited to):
– Indigenous sovereignty and decolonization
– Beyond governments: self-governance and democracy
– Economics, austerity, and anti-capitalism
– Incarceration and the prison industrial complex
– Bill 60 / The Quebec Charter of Values
– Accessibility
– Environmental justice and environmental racism
– Public space, poverty and gentrification
– Radical education and pedagogy
– Gender and feminism
– Sex and sexuality