Discretionary Funding

One of the ways in which QPIRG Concordia supports campus and community events and initiatives is through our Board of Directors Discretionary Fund!


  • GET TO KNOW QPIRG-C: We suggest that you get to know a little bit about us first to see if it makes sense for you to apply.  You can read our mandate and check out past events and projects we have sponsored and/or funded on social media.
  • APPLY: Groups can apply to the Board of Directors for money (we usually allocate up to a maximum of $700) and/or access to QPIRG resources such as photocopies, using our space, help with promotion etc.  
  • WAIT: Discretionary funding requests are reviewed at board meetings, approximately once per month. Contact us to find out the date of the next board meeting. You can apply for retroactive funding if your event/project has already taken place.
  • RECEIVE RESPONSE: You will be contacted soon after the board meeting to let you know if your application was approved and for how much!

ASSISTANCE: You are strongly encouraged to contact us for support in applying if you have any questions, either via email or by telephone* (*because of COVID health restrictions, you will need to email us first in case current circumstances require  us to schedule a phone conversation). 

CO-PRESENT – CO-ORGANIZE: We  love to collaborate with groups. If you are interested in co-presenting or co-organizing an event with QPIRG Concordia, please talk to a staff member or email info@qpirgconcordia.org. Please get in touch early in your planning process if you’d like to have us involved.

NOTE: The amount of money allocated for projects may depend on how many requests there are in a particular discretionary period and doesn’t necessarily reflect the value the board places on the project (i.e. a similar project may receive more money if they’ve applied for it in a month when not many others apply).

If you have questions or would like assistance with your application please contact discretionary@qpirgconcordia.org