Library Catalog

The alternative library database includes books, periodicals, zines, films, and audio, on topics including political, social, and economic justice, art and activism, indigenous and migrant struggles, biography, sexuality, gender, accessibility, environmental justice, children’s books, and much more. The database represents the holdings of the libraries of QPIRG Concordia, QPIRG McGill and the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

QPIRG Concordia also welcomes donations of resources that fit within the mandate of our library. If you have a book, film, or zine that you want to give away and think it might be a good fit for our collection, please let us know!

If you have books to donate that you think might not fall exactly in line with the library’s mandate or focus but that you think would still be enjoyable to read, consider contacting Open Door Books, a QPIRG Concordia working group that coordinates books to prisoners program throughout Canada.

If you have a lot of donations to make but don’t have any way of bringing them to our office, please let us know and we can try to arrange for a pick-up!

To donate, contact

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