Become a library member

Memberships are free and available to all students and community members within the Montreal area. Please fill out the form below to become a library member, or stop by the library and fill out a membership form.

Borrowing Policies:

*You may borrow up to three books or zines and up to two films at a time. Please respect these limits and do your best to return resources by the due date. You can always renew a reservation if you need to keep something longer than two weeks.

*Always check out your items before leaving the QPIRG Library.

*The QPIRG Library may suspend or remove your borrowing privileges if you repeatedly do not respect these policies.

*If you lose or damage a resource (to the point of it being unusable to other members), you will be asked to either replace the resource with another copy of the same resource or make a donation within your means to help the QPIRG Library to purchase a replacement copy of the lost or damaged resource.