Book Launch: The Second Palestinian Intifada | Photos: Olive War in Palestine

Concordia Professor Julie Norman in conversation about her new book: The Second Palestinian Intifada: Civil Resistance
As well as photo projections by Montreal-based photojournalist Valerian Mazataud: Olive War in Palestine
Wednesday November 17, 5-7pm
at QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204

Free. Welcome to all!
Wheelchair accessible.
Snacks and drinks will be available.

About the book “The Second Palestinian Intifada”: Drawing from extensive interviews, surveys, and observations in the West Bank, this book provides an in-depth study of the often-overlooked aspects of popular resistance in Palestine. Combining critical analysis with activist narratives and community case studies, the book provides a comprehensive and compelling look at non-violent activism in the second intifada, offering a fresh perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and illustrating both the challenges and opportunities in mobilizing for popular struggle.

About Julie Norman: Julie is a professor of human rights, social movements, and Middle East politics at Concordia University.  She is the author of The Second Palestinian Intifada: Civil Resistance, and the editor of a forthcoming volume entitled Popular Resistance in Palestine: Activism and Advocacy in the Second Intifada.
About the photo-reportage “Olive War in Palestine”: Branches are cut, trees are burnt, harvests are stolen, and attacks are violent. Since 2000, Israeli NGOs such as Rabbis for Human Rights have denounced the violent acts committed by settlers during the olive harvest, a key period for the economy of Palestinian villages. The olive harvest in the West Bank used to be a joyful time, but, for the past years, it rhymes with violence. Israeli media now refers to it as, the “Olive War.” On the Bible’s lands, symbols are all mighty. Stones against machine guns, children against soldiers. The Olive tree is an ancestral symbol of peace, uniting the people of the Mediterranean. Today, it has become not only the ground, but also the means and the issue of the confrontations between Palestinian farmers and Israeli settlers.
About Valerian Mazataud: Valerian is a freelance photojournalist, based in Montreal, who visited the West Bank during the fall of 2009, and chose to look at the Israel-Palestine conflict under the symbolic angle of the Olive Harvest. His photos are available at:
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