Community-based social justice research (April 7)

“Knowledge itself doesn’t make change for the better, it’s people with knowledge that do.”
This year, QPIRG Concordia presents monthly sessions where we discuss and explore the idea of community-based social justice research. We will present a model of “social justice research” rooted in principles of accessibility, popular education as well as rigor, while at the same time critiquing prevailing ideas of what constitutes “knowledge work”. We will also share many examples of community-based social justice research projects and methods. On a practical level, will will also provide
These workshops are intended both for students aiming to link their learning beyond the classroom, as well as for community members who want to continue to develop their own research methods and visions as part of their organizing work.
The next workshop will take place  THURSDAY, APRIL 7 at 3pm at 1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204 (beside the Guy-Concordia metro). Welcome to all, students and non-students, community members and people curious about activism. No need to register. The workshop will last approximately 90 minutes.