Study in Action: Call for Submissions!

STUDY IN ACTION 2011: An undergraduate conference linking students with community activism
Study in Action is an undergraduate student conference on social and environmental justice designed to link students and community activism. The conference is a space for students to present research and develop greater knowledge of social and environmental issues and build ties with community organizations. This year’s conference will take place from March 11-13, 2011 on the downtown Concordia campus.
The Study in Action conference will accept submissions in English and French. Please note you do not have to submit a completed paper or presentation by our January 21st deadline, but only a proposal (details below) and a brief introduction that explains how your submission relates to Study In Action’s mandate of social and environmental justice.
Study In Action not only crosses disciplinary lines, but also transcends the borders between academic and popular knowledge. We invite submissions to interpret our mandate as innovatively as possible.
Please provide a 250-word summary of your submission. If you are submitting a work that is already completed, you are free to include it as well. Your conference presentation may be:?
a) a 9-15 page paper for presentation on a panel
b) an audio-visual presentation?
c) a work of art to be exhibited as part of the conference.
*We encourage submissions from undergraduates at universities in Montreal and elsewhere.
Some papers that were presented at last year’s conference included:?
– Precious Metals, Stolen Lands: the colonial roots of the Canadian mining industry
– Profile This! Racial profiling in Montreal
– Are Fair-Trade and organic labels enough? The case of quinoa production in Bolivia
Please provide a 250-word summary of your proposed presentation of workshop, including estimates of how much time will be required, a maximum number of attendees, and any other specifications relating to space or supplies that you will need. Your conference presentation may be:?
a) a 1-2 hour interactive workshop (please note: workshop presentations may also be considered as part of panels, in a 15-20 minute format).?
b) an audio-visual presentation?
c) a speaker or panel event co-presented with the conference
Some workshops that were presented at last year’s conference included:
Subverting Higher Education: developing an environmental justice course
Beyond Shorter Showers: an introduction to Radical Ecology
Your Radio is a Bomb: the explosive power and potential of independent media
Please provide a 250 word description of the artwork being submitted, including how it relates to the mandate, as well as size and installation parameters. Please provide pictures or samples if possible. Some examples of art that was included in last year’s conference can be seen in Convergence, the undergraduate journal produced by QPIRG Concordia in Summer 2010. Pick up your copy at our office anytime!
Please send all submissions to BY JANUARY 21, 2011
We are always looking for new people to help us organize Study In Action. We welcome students from all campuses and community members from across Montreal. Contact or call 514-848-7585 to find out more.