Security and Awareness Culture 101

at QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204
Free. No need to register. The QPIRG space is wheelchair accessible.
Movements for radical social change on Turtle Island have always been subject to state repression and surveillance. Grounding this in the history of state repression of radical social movements, this workshop draws on our own experiences and the experiences of friends and allies over the past year dealing with state repression, infiltration and surveillance. We are sharing this in hopes of finding ways to create safe, welcoming organizing spaces which are actively a threat to all forms of domination, and which are open to all except agents of the state.
Intended workshop outcomes:
– To assist groups in creating security cultures adapted to their particular organizing spaces/situations
– To share strategies on how to deal honestly and opening with distrust, paranoia, and suspicion, so we can be more effective at doing so instead of allowing this to disrupt our broader campaigns
– To provide a place for conversation on the shape and direction of the grounds for social struggle
– To find ways to prevent agents of the state from being active in our movements, or at least rethink ways in which to deal with their presence
– To situate our present context in the histories of broader struggles against colonialism/capitalism/racism/heteropatriarchy
Montreal Anarchist Security and Awareness Culture Collective is a group of Montreal anarchists and organizers who are involved in diverse anti-capitalist, indigenous solidarity, migrant justice and ecological struggles. This workshop is part of a series of security culture workshops we are doing, which is part of a larger momentum towards resisting state attempts to disrupt and derail radical struggles.