ATS presents an anarchist key signing party!

Bring your public key, and bring your friends!
Wednesday, June 15th at 7pm
At Foulab, 999 du Collège, Suite 33B

One of the main design principles underlying the PGP email encryption system was that it is built on decentralized networks of trust for identity verification rather than placing that trust in hierarchies or centres of power, such as governments and corporations. As anarchists, this makes a lot of sense to us! In practice, a good way of doing this is having a gathering where we can talk to each other face-to-face and share public keys: a key signing party.
As the Anarchist Tech Support collective (ATS), we’re holding an anarchist key signing party, which means it is open to all hackers,
radicals, geeks, anti-authoritarians, makers, breakers, tinkerers, free-thinkers, and all of our comrades, allies, and friends. In other words, open to anyone who wants to come. Except undercovers from CSIS or the police.
In addition to verifying public keys, we also want this party to be a chance for us to have public conversations about related topics such as state repression and security culture; common ground between hackers and anarchists; or the power relations that are built into our technologies, and the technologies that are being used to overthrow ruling powers. Because trust is about a lot more than identity verification!
If you aren’t set up yet to do PGP email encryption or aren’t sure how it works, we strongly encourage you to come! We’ll be explaining how it works, helping with installation if you have a laptop, and helping create keys. See you there!
Anarchist Tech Support