Contribute to this year’s School Schmool radical agenda!

For Concordia, McGill and Montreal-based social and environmental justice organizations, students and community members…
School Schmool is an ad-free, cost-free activist day planner for students at McGill and Concordia, and for the broader Montreal community. School Schmool is a long-time publication of QPIRG McGill; and for the second year in a row, QPIRG Concordia has joined the project to expand the publication to both McGill and Concordia campuses.
The organizer has two components. It is a weekly pocket planner for organizing busy academic and activist schedules, and it also comes with a section of articles introducing important social and environmental justice issues, along with descriptions of local activist groups working on those issues.
We would be very excited if you or your group would be interested in having a profile or article in this year’s agenda. Here are three ways you can contribute:
1. A GROUP PROFILE **We reserve the most space for these submissions.**
We are writing to ask groups working on social and environmental justice issues to contribute short profiles or articles about their group and its work for the 2011-2012 edition of School Schmool.
Your profile should be around 75-100 words, outlining what your group does, your mandate, and other interesting information. Please be sure to include contact information for your group and a logo, if you have one. This will serve as an introduction to the organization and the issues you work on. Your profile will familiarize students, as well as non-students, with groups and issues on and off campus that they may want to work with, support, or turn to for support.
THE DEADLINE FOR GROUP PROFILES IS JUNE 17. Please send your profile to
A short article about an issue that your group works on or that you would like to have detailed in School Schmool. We already have some articles under way, so please check in with us about your idea at by JUNE 7, 2011.
We have a lot of articles that will need to be illustrated. Be in touch if this is something you are interested in.
The sooner you touch base with us the more likely it will be that your submission will be included in this year’s School Schmool. We will be in touch to let you know if there will be space for it in this year’s organizer. Any edits or changes to submissions will be passed by you before anything gets published.
If there are other relevant websites, books or resources related to your work we are considering adding an extra section in the agenda to direct users towards further information so feel free to include those in your submission as well.
(Please note: We are contacting some organizations individually, so you may be receiving a more specific email.)
Please be in touch if you have any questions or would like any more information.
Kerri and Kristin
Coordinators of the 2011-2012 Edition of School Schmool
E-mail us at:

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