Thank you everyone for a great AGM. Details posted next week.

Thursday, October 13th
Open House – 5:30pm
AGM – 6:30pm
1500 de Maisonneuve O., #204

Free food served at 5:30pm.
Our space is wheelchair accessible. Children welcome!
• Interested in what makes the organization tick?
• Want to get involved? Visit our space? Check out the library?
• Think you’d like to join the board? (more details here)
Show your support and exercise your voting rights as a member!!
The meeting will include an introduction to some of QPIRG’s activities, resources, and campaigns, the election of our board of directors and conflict resolution and complaints committee, and a proposal for a few constitutional amendments (get in touch for more details about these changes).
* We have doors approximately 30”, elevators and an accessible women’s washroom, but as yet no automated doorways.
**Free childcare provided during the AGM, from 6:30pm until the end of the meeting. Please give 48 hours notice to let us know if children will be joining you.
***Everyone is invited to attend, though you must be a member to vote or run for the board or conflict resolution and complaints committee. To become a member you can: volunteer at least 10 hours per year, OR pay $10, OR be a Concordia undergrad or graduate student (bring your student ID).
For more information call : 514-848-7585 or email
2011 AGM Agenda:
1. Presentation and Adoption of the Agenda
2. Approval of 2010 Annual General Meeting minutes
3. Recap of QPIRG and QPIRG Projects (staff reports, board report, core project reports)
4. Proposed constitutional changes
5a) Conflict Resolution and Complaints Committee Elections
5b) Board of Directors Elections
6. Community Event Announcements
7. Adjournment