STILL AVAILABLE! School Schmool 2011/2012: activist day planner & radical guide

SCHOOL SCHMOOL is the name of the activist day planner for students at McGill, Concordia and the wider Montreal community. SCHOOL SCHMOOL includes engaging articles, resources and practical tools for students and non-students alike to participate in social and environmental justice activism, as well as a useful day planner to organize busy academic and activist schedules. SCHOOL SCHMOOL is a joint project of the Quebec Public Interest Research Groups (QPIRG) at McGill and Concordia.

This year’s SCHOOL SCHMOOL, which is free of all corporate advertising, includes four main sections:

  • i) THE RESOURCES: including “Cheap Eats”; “Health Care Resources”; “Accessible Spaces”; “Taking Care of Your Body”; “Map of Montreal Neighbourhoods”; and much more!
  • ii) THE ISSUES: including: “Access to Education”; Alternative Art & Culture”; “Childcare & Parenting”; “Ecological Justice”; “Gender & Feminism”; “Independent Media”; “Indigenous Sovereignty”; “Radical Tech Support”; and much more!”
  • iii) THE GROUPS: A listing and description, by theme, of 100 Montreal-area groups and projects, involved in diverse issues and campaigns.
  • iv) THE AGENDA: A day planner (September 2011-September 2012) to help organize your life!

SCHOOL SCHMOOL is now available at either QPIRG McGill or QPIRG Concordia during our office hours:


3647 University, 3rd floor
(McGill metro)
Office hours: Monday-Friday 11am-5pm
contact: 514-398-7432 or

QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204
(Guy-Concordia metro)
space is wheelchair accessible
Office hours: Monday-Thursday 12pm-6pm
contact: 514-848-7585 or

SCHOOL SCHMOOL will be available at various other locations on the Concordia & McGill campuses, as well as around the Montreal community. They’ll also be available at servings of the People’s Potato & the Midnight Kitchen in September.
Some other locations you can pick up SCHOOL SCHMOOL:
concordia community solidarity co-op bookstore (2150 bishop)
queer concordia (2020 mackay #p-102)
2110 centre for gender advocacy (1500 de maisonneuve #404)
ckut 90.3 FM (3647 university)
the flat (3480 mctavish #b-02)
sacomss (3480 mctavish #b-27)
queer mcgill (3480 mctavish #416)
union for gender empowerment (3480 mctavish #411)
drawn and quarterly (211 bernard o.)
le cagibi (5490 st-laurent)
More locations will be added over the next week or two, and we’ll be updating our distribution points at
You can also pick up a copy of SCHOOL SCHMOOL at the many events where QPIRG McGill and QPIRG Concordia will be tabling on our campuses, as well as at the many events we’ll be organizing in September including QPIRG’s McGill’s Rad Frosh (September 3&4, QPIRG Concordia’s DisOrientation (September 19-23, Check out our websites for more info: /
From the introduction of this year’s SCHOOL SCHMOOL:
School Schmool is your radical guide to your often unradical school. University doesn’t need to be an ivory tower, and this agenda highlights ways to bridge the gap between academia and issues outside the classroom.
School Schmool dates back to 1994. It began as a bi-annual publication that brought together group profiles, articles, and practical resources of use to all students, especially those interested in environmental and social justice issues. It was resurrected as an agenda and resource book in the summer of 2006, and has been connecting together the McGill, Concordia, and Montreal communities  ever since.
The 2011-2012 edition of School Schmool has four sections. We provide practical tips and recommendations in “The Resources”. “The Issues” features articles on a wide variety of topics, ranging from bike activism to building solidarity with international struggles. After reading an article, you can learn about Montreal-based organizations working on that issue by turning to “The Groups”, which lists local projects in thematic order. Finally, you can keep track of your busy life with “The Agenda” section of School Schmool.
We hope this ad-free, non-corporate, autonomous guide will help you locate the struggles you want to engage with, fight for, and find support within. So educate yourself! Become a good ally! Self-represent! Honour people’s struggles and history! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
REMINDER: Starting on Tuesday, September 6, you can get a copy of SCHOOL SCHMOOL at either QPIRG McGill or QPIRG Concordia, as well as many other locations and events, on campus and in the community.