TUESDAY: Theatre for Change Workshop with Ponni Arasu

QPIRG Concordia presents: THEATRE FOR CHANGE, with Indian organizer Ponni Arasu.
Part of QPIRG Concordia’s DISORIENTATION: a different side of student life.
Part One: Tuesday, September 20 from 1-3pm
Hall Building, 1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest #H-760
Part Two: Thursday, September 22 from 1-3pm
QPIRG Concordia, 1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest #204

There is no better way to say what you want to say than drama! Come learn to use theatre as a way to get your point across easily, while having a blast yourself. The process of working as a theatre artist, the challenge, love, warmth and camaraderie is unforgettable and its effect stellar. History has shown us this repeatedly. Come and get a taste of what all this drama is about!

Theatre as a tool for social change has a long history across the world. This style of theatre teaches us to use our body as our most effective tool and little else to create an impact, which we now know, is unforgettable. The first proponent of this theory – ‘the theatre of the oppressed’- Augusto Boal transformed not just the world of theatre but the world at large. His thoughts, exercises and other tools have been adapted to different contexts by many practitioners across the world.
This workshop will provide information on precisely these theories, its history and give participants a taste of its practice. It will be one that will involve a lot of physical work with some talking in between. This form of theatre is used extensively within student activism on campuses and this workshop will enable students to do the same at Concordia.
**Participants are strongly encouraged to attend both parts of the workshop. Those wishing to be there for part two must have been there for part one as well. Space is limited, please arrive early, and remember to wear comfy clothes you won’t mind getting dirty!
Part of QPIRG Concordia’s DISORIENTATION: a different side of student life.