Community Groups: Contribute to STUDY IN ACTION

Callout to Montreal-area COMMUNITY GROUPS:
Contribute to STUDY IN ACTION

(new deadline for submissions: January 19, 2012)

Montreal-area community groups are encouraged to make a submission to STUDY IN ACTION, an annual conference sharing undergraduate and community research related to social justice.
Study In Action values the contributions to collective knowledge made by the day-to-day organizing and struggles of local community organizations, through public campaigns, local projects, popular education, mobilizations, support work and more.
We encourage submissions that reflect your grassroots research approaches on this year’s STUDY IN ACTION themes:
* art and alternative media
* economics, austerity, and anti-capitalism
* environmental justice
* food sovereignty
* gender and feminism
* geopolitics and international solidarity
* health, bodily sovereignty and harm reduction
* indigenous sovereignty and de-colonization
* migration
* prisoner justice and policing
* public space, poverty and gentrification
* radical education and pedagogy
* sex and sexuality

[don’t hesitate to suggest other topics]
Please provide a summary of your proposed presentation of workshop, including estimates of how much time will be required, a maximum number of attendees, and any other specifications relating to space or supplies that you will need. Your conference presentation may be:
a) a 1-2 hour interactive workshop (please note: workshop presentations may also be considered as part of panels, in a 15-20 minute format)
b) an audio-visual presentation
c) a speaker or panel event co-presented with the conference
Please send your submission to The deadline for submissions is JANUARY 19, 2012.
Here are some community group workshops that were presented at Study In Action 2011:
– Parole Sans Parole: An Interactive Experience (Termite Collective)
– Making Your Research (More) Relevant: How to turn an academic paper into a news story (Montreal Media Coop)
– Queers Made This: reflections on the queer archive zine & archiving community organizing (QTeam)
– La morale conservatrice VS les Sites d’Injection Supervisés (Association pour la Défense des Droits et l’Inclusion des personnes qui Consomment des drogues du Québec)
– A Freeschool in Montreal! / Pour une école libre à Montréal! (Rad School)
– Solidarity City: Migrant justice and the everyday practice of mutual aid and direct action (Solidarity Across Borders)
– People’s Potato: Reclaiming students’ autonomy (People’s Potato)
– Anti-terrorisme au Chili: la criminalisation des mouvements sociaux (Le Comité d’Appui au Peuple Mapuche)