ART IN ACTION 2012 (February 27-March 4)

Creative student & community contributions related to social & environmental justice

FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 4, 2012
7th Floor, Hall Building at Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve West, métro Guy-Concordia
wheelchair accessible — free — welcome to all
ART IN ACTION highlights creative expression on social and environmental justice issues through diverse mediums including: drawing, painting, photography, performance, film & video, installation, spoken word, zine, collage, watercolour, poster, and print.
This year ART IN ACTION includes close to thirty exhibits, installations and performances from: Claude Bernier-Tremblay * Al Blair * Karen Boyles * Anne Breton * Andrea deBruijn * Sylvia Chan * Emily Yun Ching Clare & Ryan Kai Cheng Thom * Shaw Desjean * Colectivo Dignidad Migrante * Arthur Gauthier * Guillaume Girard * GLAD Theatre Collective * Bianca Hlywa * Alix Hugonnier * Sophie Ingels-Fortier * Virginie Jourdain * John Lanthier * Naomi Large * Allison LaSorda * Emmanuelle Lippé * Kevin Yuen Kit Lo * Simone Lucas & Christian Scott * Cassandra Marsillo * Léa Radoslava Marinova * Erica Mazerolle * Nadia Myre * Hannah Palmer * Sheryl-Ann Simpson * Keara Yim
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ART IN ACTION is part of STUDY IN ACTION, which together not only cross disciplinary lines, but also transcend borders between academic and popular knowledge. For more information about STUDY IN ACTION:
– Monday, February 27, 10am-8pm ** vernissage from 5-7pm, with artists present **

– Tuesday, February 28, 10am-5pm

– Wednesday, February 29, 10am-8pm

– Thursday, March 1, 10am-8pm

– Friday, March 2, 10am-10pm  ** “5 à 7”, with artists present **

– Saturday, March 3, 10am-8pm

– Sunday, March 4, 10am-6pm


Art In Action performances will take place during the week on the 7th floor of the Hall Building, including:
Opium Dreams (
Ryan Kai Cheng Thom): MONDAY, February 27 at 5pm.
Piece of Trash (GLAD Collective, Concordia University): FRIDAY, March 2 at 1pm.
Suces Moi (
Virginie Jourdain): FRIDAY, March 2, 6pm.

Saturday, March 3, 6pm at 2055 Bishop Street (not wheelchair accessible); featuring:
– Opium Dreams (performance by Emily Yun Ching Clare & Ryan Kai Cheng Thom);
Banca Rota (video by Emmanuelle Lippé)
La femme aux cigarettes (film by Léa Radoslava Marinova)

After March 4 until the end of the month, Art In Action exhibits will be displayed at L’Escalier, Galerie X, the Concordia Greenhouse, QPIRG Concordia, and other locations around Montreal.

– Opium Dreams
Projection/Spoken Word by Emily Yun Ching Clare (Visual Artist) and Ryan Kai Cheng Thom (Writer, Performer)
– Piece of Trash
Performance by the GLAD Collective (various theatre students, Concordia University)
– re:moved
Multimedia by Allison LaSorda (University of New Brunswick)
– Suces Moi
Performance/Installation by Virginie Jourdain (La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Dyke Rivers)
– Collage #1 and Collage #2
Collage by Simone Lucas & Christian Scott (QPIRG-McGill University)
Dirty Laundry
Sculpture/Installation by Cassandra Marsillo (Studio Arts, Concordia University)
Le jeune de la rue
Mixed media by Anne Breton (Association des Artiste Peintres Affiliés de la Rive-Sud)
Manifesto Print
Print by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (LOKi Design) & Nadia Myre (The Scar Project)
People’s History of Montreal
Posters by Al Blair (ABC Posters)
– Dignidad Migrante en la lucha
Photographs by Colectivo Dignidad Migrante (a working group of QPIRG Concordia)
– Fun Cutting my self; The window; Vierge VS Bouddha; Beau comme Amour; and more
Photography by Shaw Desjean (Theater Design, Concordia University)
– Human Earth Decay; Fashion’s Puppet; The Awakening
Photography & Photomontage by Erica Mazerolle (Stéfano Photographe, Projet ‘ColorFul’ & son équipe)
– one two three tree
Photographs by Keara Yim (Women’s Studies/Human Environment, Concordia University)
– Point de chute
Photography by Arthur Gauthier (student at L’Ecole de la Vie)
– FIT: A Zine about sports, fatness, feminism, and disability
Zine by Andrea deBruijn (Concordia University)
-Four Minutes to Midnight
Zine by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (LOKi Design)
– Good Hair
Zine/Drawings by Sheryl-Ann Simpson (a crash and a murder)
Banca Rota
Video by Emmanuelle Lippé (Full Instinct Productions)
Diarios de bicicleta
Film by Guillaume Girard (independent filmmaker, Quebec City)
– La femme aux cigarettes
Film by Léa Radoslava Marinova (Film Production, Concordia University)
Dissembled; Over-flooded; Darkness and Light; Part of the Cycle; The Tsunami
Paintings by Sylvia Chan (Fine Arts, Concordia University)
Him, Her, Us
Watercolor by Bianca Hlywa (Fine Arts, Concordia University)
In Debt We Trust
Painting by Claude Bernier-Tremblay (Hibernum;
Jungle Imperialist
Painting by John Lanthier (Fine Arts, Concordia University)
Drawing by Karen Boyles (Studio Arts, Concordia University)
La Logorrhee
Painting by Shaw Desjean (Theater Design, Concordia University)
Our Boxes
Painting by Naomi Large (Art Education, Concordia University)
– Politics, Dis-Over Engagement, Theology, and Art
Paintings and Drawings by Alix Hugonnier (Science Po Paris (France)/ Concordia University)
– Prison Dorée
Painting by Sophie Ingels-Fortier (EpicMind Studio)