TONITE!: RE-CREATING THE COMMONS (with Silvia Federici & Suresh Naidu)

Opening Panel of Study In Action 2012:

FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 6:30pm
7th floor, Hall Building, Concordia University
(métro Guy-Concordia) MONTREAL

with Silvia Federici (Caliban and the Witch), Suresh Naidu (Occupy Wall Street), Julie Châteauvert (Les femmes ont faim), Shannon Franssen (Solidarité St-Henri)

– Free! Welcome to all!
– Wheelchair accessible.
– Whisper translation in English and French.
– ASL translation available for opening panel.
– Childcare available on-site
Study In Action this year draws its inspiration from the resistance in public spaces worldwide — from Tahrir Square to Spain’s indignados, from Occupy Wall Street to local community organizing. The opening panel will explore the reclamation of community spaces in diverse ways — including local examples related to gentrification and public art. We’ll discuss together how to reclaim and create the commons, in resistance to capitalism & patriarchy.
We will discuss the idea of “commons” acknowledging that Canada is a settler state, on occupied Indigenous lands, and that understanding Indigenous perspectives and struggles is crucial to navigating how we ultimately share so-called “public space.”
Confirmed speakers include:
– JULIE CHÂTEAUVERT: member of the local art collectives Les femmes ont faim, Les delicates Attentions and Artivistic. She was also the coordinator for community relations for the Dare-Dare Center
– SILVIA FEDERICI: scholar, teacher, and activist; member of the Midnight Notes Collective; author of Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation. Sample articles: Women, Land Struggles and the Reconstruction of the Commons & Feminism and the Politics of the Commons
– SHANNON FRANSSEN: coordinator of Solidarité St-Henri, a coalition of anti-poverty community groups involved with public space issues in the southwest, including community opposition to the Turcot highway interchange.
– SURESH NAIDU: Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and active participant at Occupy Wall Street. More info about Suresh and Occupy Wall Street here.

This panel opens the STUDY IN ACTION weekend, which will include 7 panels, 6 workshops and the ART IN ACTION exhibition featuring close to 30 exhibits. Together, STUDY IN ACTION & ART IN ACTION highlight undergraduate, community and artistic contributions to social and environmental justice research and ideas.
STUDY IN ACTION / ART IN ACTION events take place on the 7th floor of the Hall Building – 1455 de Maisonneuve West, métro Guy-Concordia. Wheelchair accessible.
STUDY IN ACTION is a joint project of QPIRG Concordia & QPIRG McGill.
Info: – 514-848-7585 –

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