Unveiling Building 7! (February 24)

Unveiling Building 7 !

Friday, February 24th
An evening to share information, to take in a show and to share our dreams
You are curious about Building 7? This space in Point St. Charles that will ally art, culture, social and political activities, production workshops and local shops?
You are impatient to find out the building’s new name? To learn about the vision, the initiatives that will be housed within, the architectural plans for the division of space, the challenges and the next steps?
5-7pm : All you want to know about Building 7
7pm and beyond : A jazz trio, Friend of All the World and les Sofi
Lanthrope (Folk)
Free buffet – Bar – Children welcome (childcare available)
Café Paradoxe : 255 Ash Street, Point St. Charles
Organized by the Collectif 7 à nous and FARMM
Centre Social Autogéré
The Centre Social Autogéré is a working group of QPIRG Concordia.