Montreal’s 5th Annual Queer Lit Bookfair – August 18, 2012

To table:
Fill out the application form at www.queerbetweenthecovers.org/table-reservations/. Table rentals are FREE!
To help organize or get in touch:
email us queerbetweenthecovers@gmail.com!
Since the closing of L’Androgyne in 2002, Montreal has not maintained a long-standing queer bookstore. Queer Between the Covers aims to provide access to queer materials that are otherwise unavailable in the city, as well as draw attention to the role of queer bookstores in providing community space and supporting queer cultural production.
Queer Between the Covers is being organized by a collective of volunteers based in Montreal, with the support of QPIRG Concordia. The book fair is being organized as part of the sixth annual Pervers/Cité, a series of events aimed at providing a financially accessible and issue-based alternative to the annual Divers/Cité cultural festival, aka Montreal Pride. This approximately 10-day programme will be taking place August 9 – 19, 2012.
Last year’s book fair attracted several hundred participants and this year we are aiming to build upon this success. We are inviting local and international bookstores, publishers, zine distros, and individual zinesters and authors to bring queer books, zines, videos, and other materials to sell. Check out Table Reservations to find out how to secure your spot at this year’s bookfair!
Last year’s event included the following amazing folks:
– Spartacus (Vancouver)
– B + D Press
– Union for Gender Empowerment
– Concordia Community Solidarity Co-Op Bookstore
– Kersplebedeb
– Bendergear
– l’Insoumise
– RCAAQ (Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec)
– QZAP (online database)
– Twelveohtwo Zine Distro
– Walking Distance Zine Distro
– Ste. Emilie Skillshare Zine Distro
– Pervy calendar
– Fag Punk (Guelph)
– Fierce n’ fabulous (Guelph)
– Fight boredom zine distro
– PolitiQ
– Nailbiter: an anxiety zine
– Jamie Ross
– Jesse Blanchard (Vancouver)
– Coco Riot
– Elisha Lim
– Kate Lavut
– Cristy Road (New York)
– James O’Clock, Heartless Stitches
– Jesse Crass
– Jamie Q (London, Ontario)
– Cindy Crabb, Doris zine (Ohio)
– Jese Gordon