Fee Refunds (September 19-26)

Should you wish to opt out of our fee levy (31 cents per credit for Concordia undergraduate students, and 50 cents per semester for Concordia graduate students) our opt out period is the week following the last day for academic withdrawal and will be posted on our news page, our email newsletter, in the Link newspaper (when applicable) and on some main bulletin boards throughout campus. QPIRG Concordia’s Fall semester 2012 refund period is running from September 19-26, 2012. In order to opt-out, please come to our office, 1500 de Maisonneuve W., suite 204, during our office hours (Mon – Thu 12pm – 6pm) with your student ID card and student account record and we’ll provide you with a refund. Our space will be open on September 19, 20, 24, 25 & 26 from 12-6pm. Refunds will be provided in cash at the fee levy rate of $0.31 per credit/per semester (for undergrads) and $0.50 per student/per semester (for graduate students).