Art Against Their Charter

What? Posters, signs, collages, photos, cartoons, memes, photos, videos, or any other kind of graphic or artistic expression of why you oppose the charter.
When? Ongoing! You can submit at any time.
Where? Email your submissions to
Why? The so-called Charter of Quebec Values is a charter of racism, xenophobia and sexism.* It is authoritarian and assimilationist and serves as a smokescreen for the State’s cutbacks and fee hikes. With it, the PQ is hoping to put a final nail in the coffin of the Maple Spring.
The Charter has lead to an increase in harassment and violence against racialized religious minorities, particularly women who wear hijab. It makes it clear that we need to have a conversation about exclusion and privilege in Quebec society, a conversation that is long overdue. This is a call to engage in popular education. Help us explain what is wrong with this charter. Help us show why it should be opposed.
Send us your posters, memes, cartoons, drawings, collages, photos, videos, or any other kind of visual artwork against the charter.
A selection will be posted online, printed and put up in the community.
This is an initiative of Ensemble Contre la Charte Xénophobe (Together Against the Xenophobic Charter). To read our basis of unity visit:
(* That’s what we think. So what do you think?)
(If you would like your artwork to be considered for printing out hardcopies, please include a 300dpi version in either jpg or PDF format. Contact us at if you have any questions.)