QPIRG Concordia Research Stipends

This year (2014)  QPIRG Concordia was able to provide a research stipend to the Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition. Their project is described here:
The Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition is putting together a document addressing decolonization and solidarity aimed at community organizations and activists.  Interviews and essays by Indigenous organizers will cover different perspectives on decolonization practices like Two-Spirit resistance; Indigenous feminist resistance; prison abolition; language reclamation, resurgence, and education; resistance to foster care and contemporary social work practice; disability and the medicalization of Indigenous bodies; Indigenous sex offenders and intergenerational trauma; and Harm Reduction.  A second portion will be written by members of the IW2SHRC collective. This section would include articles about introductory aspects of decolonization practice and creating reciprocity with the Indigenous peoples on whose land you are residing. Examples of topics which will be covered include: Land Acknowledgement Protocol; Names of Indigenous Territories and Nations; Creating Reciprocity with Urban Indigenous Peoples; Standard Reciprocity Protocol; The Use of the Term “Settler”; The Politics of Insurrection: What Does Solidarity Mean as a White “Race Traitor”; and Black Nativism on Turtle Island.  The resulting text will be a useful addition to discussions on decolonization and Indigenous solidarity for non-Natives.

  • 2012: Gentrify This! A Student’s Guide to Understanding and Resisting Gentrification (read the zine online HERE)

  • 2011: Queers Made This: A Visual Archive of Radical Queer Organising in Montreal, 2005-2010 by members of Qteam

  • 2010: Resisting Deportations: A Community Guide by members of Solidarity Across Borders

  • 2009: Convergence, a journal of undergraduate and community research

  • 2008: Vélo! Vélo!, a conference about and for bicycle collectives in the Greater Montreal Area

  • 2007: the Community-University Research Exchange (CURE) database, linking student research with grassroots groups throughout Montreal and beyond