Resisting Capitalism and Austerity: from Seattle 1999 to Printemps 2015 (February 4)

Presentation: Resisting Capitalism and Austerity: from Seattle 1999 to Printemps 2015
CSU Lounge (7th Floor, 1455 de Maisonneuve West)

part of the Solidarity 2015 Concordia Teach-In;
This presentation will analyze the underpinnings of corporate capitalism in the past generation, and its manifestations in various neo-liberal and austerity attacks. Looking back at the mobilizations against NAFTA, APEC, and the WTO, to the resistance at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City in 2001, and to the more recent round of opposition to cutbacks and austerity in the lead-up to the Printemps 2015, this presentation will provide an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial analysis of capitalism globalization, as well as focus on resistance efforts by grassroots mobilizations rooted in anti-oppression, decolonization and mutual aid and struggle.
Presented by Jaggi Singh. Jaggi is from working class immigrant Toronto. He has been active in anti-capitalist organizing from the Summit of the Americas (Quebec City 2001) to more recent efforts against the G20 (Toronto 2010). He was a co-initiator of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) and active with that group from 2000-2006 & 2010-2012. He was banned from Concordia for 5 years for his participation in the anti-Netanyahu pro-Palestinian riot of 2002. He’s an anti-colonial anarchist.
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