(Call for submissions) CONVERGENCE 6: A journal of undergraduate & community research

Radical Organizing in Montreal and Beyond
(deadline: June 21, 2015)

Published by QPIRG McGill and QPIRG Concordia, Convergence is a Montreal-based journal highlighting undergraduate and community contributions to social justice research and art.
Convergence is the name we give to an event that unites different people, ideas, and approaches in a common project. As a noun it simultaneously describes the group of students who, together, form the content of this projects–the variety of research and educational approaches, from honours theses to political pamphlets or photo essays–and the movement between university work and community activism.
In its form as a verb, Convergence is a taking-on of injustice: where students, approaches, and ideas encounter political and social problems, where research converges on the powerful territory of academia to insist on alternatives. We hope this small convergence of people and ideas ultimately takes on a life of its own, encouraging and creating space for intellectual work that is geared towards community and committed to fighting for justice.
Issue 6 of Convergence will have a themed section highlighting Montreal-based activism, histories, and political contexts. We welcome both themed and general submissions. We are seeking artworks and a variety of written contributions, including research essays, investigative articles, interviews, and roundtables.
Possible topics for the themed section include:
* histories of the Quebec student movement and ongoing mobilization against austerity politics
* queer and trans identities in a bilingual context; Article 71 and gender self-determination
* urban revitalization and its discontents: gentrification, dislocation, poverty and policing on the city’s peripheries
* xenophobia, Islamophobia, and “reasonable accommodation” after the Charter of Values
* colonialism, nationalism, and the rhetoric of sovereignty in Quebec
Please send your submissions to convergence@qpirgconcordia.org by Sunday, June 21. Accepted submissions will be published in the journal and online at http://convergencejournal.ca/
If you have an idea and want support to make it happen (e.g. if you want to interview an organization but aren’t sure how to get in contact with them), please send us an email before the deadline!