Concordia undergrads! THIS WEEK: Vote YES to CURE Concordia & Vote YES to Daycare

QPIRG Concordia – your campus-community link for social change – enthusiastically endorses the “YES to CURE Concordia” campaign as well as the “Yes to the CSU Daycare & Nursery” effort.

We strongly encourage our undergraduate student members to vote YES to these two referendum questions in the upcoming CSU elections which take place THIS WEEK (Tuesday, November 24, Wednesday, November 25 & Thursday, November 26).
VOTING INFORMATION: Concordia undergraduates (whether full-time or part-time) are eligible to vote. Simply bring your student card – any time between 10am-8pm on either Tuesday,Wednesday or Thursday – to any of the following polling locations: Downtown: Hall Lobby, LB Atrium, EV Lobby, MB Lobby, VA Lobby // Loyola: AD Main Lobby, SP Lobby, VL Lobby (note: you can vote at any of these polling stations).
More information about the two referendum questions is included below.

Concordia undergraduates: Vote YES TO CURE CONCORDIA !
Support community-driven social justice research on campus !

QPIRG Concordia officially endorses the Community-University Research Exchange (CURE Concordia) in the CSU referendum happening Nov 24, 25, 26.
CURE is a group on campus that promotes community-based social justice research. They have a database of dozens of projects submitted by grassroots community organizations working on different social justice issues in the wider Montreal community. Students can do a CURE project for credit (as a term paper, final project or other course requirement).  It’s a great opportunity for students to take their learning experience outside of the classroom and make a positive impact.

-> For more information on what CURE does, check out their website:
-> lease invite your friends to the CURE facebook event:
-> Consider liking the CURE facebook page as well:


Concordia undergraduates: Vote YES to the CSU Daycare and Nursery Project

The CSU Daycare and Nursery project seeks to support Student-Parents at Concordia by offering flexible and affordable childcare on the downtown campus!
After a strongly supported referendum question in Fall 2014 asking CSU members whether they were interested in the prioritization of a Daycare project, the Daycare and Nursery porfolio has been quickly been concretized over the last year.
Having secured an amazing space for the center a stone’s throw from the LB building downtown, the fee-reallocation will allow the CSU to absorb the year-over-year operation costs of offering this service to Student-Parents.
Please vote Yes between Nov 24-26 for a re-allocation of the CSU fee to create a line for the CSU Daycare and Nursery as follows:
CSU Operating fee: $1.97/credit
CSU Advocacy Centre: $0.21/credit
CSU Housing and Job Bank (HOJO): $0.20/credit
CSU Legal Information Clinic (LIC): $0.17/credit
CSU Clubs: $0.25/credit
Student Space, Accessible Education, Legal Contingency Fund (SSAELC): $1.00/credit
Total $3.80 per credit
CSU Operating fee: $1.97/credit
CSU Advocacy Centre: $0.21/credit
CSU Housing and Job Bank (HOJO): $0.20/credit
CSU Legal Information Clinic (LIC): $0.17/credit
CSU Daycare and Nursery: $0.24/credit
CSU Clubs: $0.25/credit
Student Space, Accessible Education, Legal Contingency Fund (SSAELC): $0.76/credit
Total $3.80 per credit
For more info:
The Yes to CSU Daycare and Nursery Project campaign is endorsed by QPIRG Concordia.

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