SOLIDARITY IN THE STREET! Knowing our rights & taking our power back from the police

Solidarity in the Street!
Knowing our rights & taking our power back from the police

Saturday April 16th, 12:00pm-5:30PM
Concordia University, Hall Building, Room H-767
1455 De Maisonneuve W., Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8

This conference aims to give practical skills and knowledge to individuals for dealing with harassment or abuses of power by the police. Participants will learn about their rights in the face of police, in particular with regards to identifications, arrests, and illegal searches. Participants will also be able to practice common demonstration tactics for staying safe, as well as gain an understanding of our legal recourses against the police and how to contest charges. This event is co-presented by the Concordia Student Union and QPIRG Concordia.
-> Intro
-> Guess what, we’ve got rights?!
You’re walking down the street and a cop asks for your ID, then they ask to empty your pockets and you bag. Do you have to comply? They show up at your party and ask to come inside. Can you refuse? Come learn about all the rights you have when it comes to identification, arrest, detentions, interrogations and illegal searches. This is knowledge they don’t want you to have.
Presented by:
Jennifer Bobette – Community organizer and ally of the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality
Lillian Boctor – former member of RadLaw McGill, staffer at QPIRG Concordia
-> Practice & Role Plays
Let’s put that theory into practice! In small breakout groups we will role-play scenarios of police interactions in order to prepare for the real world.
-> Free Lunch
Lunch will be served by Co-op de Solidarité Burritoville. (vegan and gluten free friendly)
-> Tactics in the Streets
How to stay safe in protests, what to bring and what not to bring. Gain an understanding of police tactics, strategies and weapons as well as the latest repressive laws. How can we stay a step ahead of the police, how to out an undercover, how can we respect a diversity of tactics and maintain our solidarity.
Presented by:
Myriam Tardif – community organizer
Louisa Worrell – community organizer

-> Contesting Tickets, Criminal Trials, and Filing Complaints against the Police

4:30pm – 5:30pm
How can you handle dealing with criminal charges? What are your recourses against police brutality, how do you contest tickets and win them in court? What is deontologie, and how to file complaints against police officers. Come learn about what radical legal resources and aid exists in Montreal.
Presented by:
Jaggi Singh – member of Contempt of Court: Legal Clinic By and For Social Movements; staffer at QPIRG Concordia
Alexandre Popovic – Coalition contre la répression et les abus policiers
-> More Free Food
Local Pizza ( vegan and gluten free friendly)
– Childcare available on site
– The event will be held in a wheelchair accessible space
– Simultaneous translation in French and English
– Two gender neutral washrooms will be available

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This event is co-presented by the Concordia Student Union and QPIRG Concordia.