School Schmool: Call for submissions!

School Schmool is officially open for submissions!!!! We’re calling out for art work and written pieces for the agenda for the next school year.
**The deadline for strictly written work is July 1st (midnight) and the deadline for everything else(i.e. visual and visual+written) is July 8th (midnight). If you want, please also include a short bio.

[who we are: SCHOOL SCHMOOL is the name of the activist day planner for students at Concordia, McGill and the wider Montreal community. SCHOOL SCHMOOL includes engaging articles, resources and practical tools for students and non-students alike to participate in social and environmental justice activism, as well as a useful day planner to organize busy academic and activist schedules. SCHOOL SCHMOOL is a joint project of the Quebec Public Interest Research Groups (QPIRG) at McGill and Concordia.]
This year, in terms of content, we’re looking to center bodies. We’re also looking to explore bodies through the theme of the grotesque; we are embracing the discomfort. This year we are intentionally shifting from mostly written articles to visual and interactive work (ie. infographics, labeled drawings, charts, comics, illustrated how-to guides, maps, etc.). As short essays have consistently been an important component to school schmool, we are still looking to include some, as long as they stay between 250 and 400 words in length and written in accessible language (french submissions welcome). The goal is to center creative ways of delivering info while encouraging critical thinking.
Please bear in mind that if the work you submit is in colour, we will have to desaturate it for the publication (it will be in black and white). Also keep in mind that the agenda will most likely have the measurements of an A5 paper size (5.8in x 8.3in). You can submit a scanned version or a hard copy which we will scan for you. Suggestions for topics and prior work are listed below. Contributors are encouraged to use the following as guidelines and should feel free to submit something that has not been listed.
Please note that we are actively committed to prioritizing marginalized voices and especially QTBIPOC folks!!!!
– The body as a site of power and resistance
– Fatness and food
– Bodies traveling thru time and space
– Politics of food, access to food, decolonizing your diet
!!!!! PRACTICAL GUIDES !!!!! (rights as a tenant, how to deal with police, how to not be a shitty roommate, how to find food cheap/for free, transportation & getting around the city, tips on how to survive in very white spaces, etc)
– Migrant Justice; navigating status and bureaucracy in canada
– Sex Work, Bedford v Canada, the ‘Nordic Model’
– Gentrification/class stratification in the city
– Prison, prison abolition, queer experiences in prison
– Police and racial profiling, experiences of racialized people with state violence
– Mental health, mad pride, coping with horrible bullshit
– Addiction and/or recovery
– Trans lives and trans rights
– Homonationalism
– Classism within queer scenes
– Indigenous struggle, anti-colonial solidarity, indigenous history on this land
– Migrant justice, particularly with reference to the colonial context
– Evil McGill research
– Québec language politics
– Anarchism
– Emotional labour
– Anti-racism
– Islamophobia (queer muslims, intersections of antiblackness and islamophobia, etc.)
– Intersectionality
– Gender
– Social capital in activist spaces
– Solidarity vs Charity
**The deadline for strictly written work is July 1st (midnight) and the deadline for everything else(i.e. visual and visual+written) is July 8th (midnight). If you want, please also include a short bio.

*if you’d prefer, we can meet at the QPIRG-C office
(204- 1500 Maisonneuve O)
Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns!