Common OPT-OUT period for Fee Levy groups: Sept 17th to sept 30th.

We are soon entering the Common OPT-OUT period for Fee Levy Groups.
Starting Sept 17th to Sept 30th

We are soon entering the Common OPT-OUT period for Fee Levy Groups.
Starting Sept 17th to Sept 30th

What is a fee-levy group?

Fee-levy groups are organizations that are funded through fees that are collected by the university along with tuition.
Fee-levy groups use this revenue to provide many services, resources and events that the university doesn’t offer, create good on-campus jobs for students, offer meaningful volunteer opportunities that help you learn new skills, and so much more!
QPIRG CONCORDIA is a Fee Levy Group

What does it mean to OPT OUT of a fee-levy group?

When you opt out of a fee-levy group, the group’s fee that you paid at the same time as your tuition is refunded to you.
Please note that getting a refund from a given group means that you are withdrawing your support from that group and will no longer be able to access its services, resources and events.

When and how can you opt out?

The common opt-out period for the Fall 2019 semester runs from Tuesday, September 17th to Monday, September 30th at participating locations. Details below.
You can opt-out at the location of an individual fee levy group during their advertised office hours from or, when applicable, by contacting the organization during the opt-out weeks to make an appointment. The specifics for each fee levy group participating in this common opt-out period are provided below. You can opt-out of the fees of an individual fee levy group with your student ID card and student account record (you can show your up-to-date number of credits on your account via your laptop or mobile device; by using a computer on-site at the fee levy group; or, if you wish, by print out).
There will also be common opt-out events on the following days:
When: Monday, September 23rd 11am-1pm
Where: 7th Floor Lounge, Hall Building
When: Thursday, September 26th 11am-1pm
Where: Loyola Hive
*If getting to fee-levy groups offices or the common opt-out events is inaccessible to you due to disability, and you are registered with Concordia’s Access Centre please contact individual groups by phone or email to make special arrangements for fee reimbursements.
While all of the fee levy groups are working to ensure that students wishing to opt-out may do so, fee levy group staff and volunteers will not tolerate disrespectful treatment from students who are opting out. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and classist comments and/or actions.
Student contribution through fee levies and reimbursable amount:
For Undergraduate students: 41¢ per credit.
For Graduate students: 50¢ per credit.
How to Opt Out: (outside of Common opt-out event, from sept 17th-30th) from Monday to Thursday from 12pm-6pm at 2100 Guy street, Suite #205
Contact for questions:  or 514-848-7585
We wish you a lovely and smooth semester!

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