Join the QPIRG Board of Directors!

Join the Board of Directors at QPIRG Concordia!
Help support grassroots activism on campus and in the community!
Learn valuable skills about how to run a social justice nonprofit organization!

• Do you want to know more about activism and grassroots organizing in Montreal?
• Do you want to gain skills in event planning, finance for non­profits, anti oppression, policy  writing, consensus decision­ making, and equitable labour practices?
• Do you want to find out how community organizations function?
• Do you want to take an active role in the decision–making that sustains the day­-to­-day running  of QPIRG?
• Would you like to support projects, publications and programming like the School Schmool Alternative Agenda, the Convergence Journal, the Alternative Library, DisOrientation, the Grassroots Resistance Archive, the Community Bike Tour, Anti-Colonial Dinner, QPIRG workshops and speakers, and more!
• Already love QPIRG and want to help us keep doing what we do?

Join the Board of Directors at QPIRG Concordia!
** The QPIRG board is comprised of twelve members, with six spots reserved for Concordia students (undergrad or graduate) and six for community members. Being a member of the board means attending monthly board meetings, joining one or more board committees, and taking on additional tasks as necessary throughout the year.
The board requires a time commitment that varies (depending largely on the time of year), but generally consists of an average of between 5 to 10 hours per month of board work. The board term runs from October 2019 – September 2020. Please get in touch for more details: The board will be elected at our AGM on October 8th.

QPIRG Concordia is a social justice centre that aims to connect the campus to grassroots community struggles. We support over 20 activist groups working on issues including migrant justice, LGBTQIA2S+ issues, prison justice, disability and accessibility, anti-facism and more! We host popular education events, including an alternative orientation series in September, an anti-colonial series in November, ASL 101 courses and an extension of Black History Month.  We have a lending library with hundreds of radical titles ( We publish an annual agenda and resource guide called School Schmool and Convergence, a community based research journal. We offer monthly discretionary project funding, up to $700. We also have a lounge area with computers and offer free black & white printing.