Report-back to QPIRG Concordia membership (October 2019)

Dear QPIRG Concordia members and supporters –

QPIRG Concordia’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place last week, October 8th, 2019. Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in this important process for our organization. Our AGM is an excellent occasion to share some updates about our organization.

i) Board of Directors
QPIRG Concordia is directed and managed by a Board of Directors comprised of six student positions, and six community positions. We can announce that QPIRG Concordia’s new Board of Directors for 2019-20, elected at the October 8th, 2019 AGM, will be:
Student Members:
– Kerwin Lucia
Gustavo Guzman
– Tichina Williams
Anne Audrey Remarais
Esther Morand

Community Members:
–  Deann Nardo
– Thiên Viêt Quan
– Tichina Williams
– Mona Ghassemi
Audie Augustus Maginley

– Victoria Elliott

Thank you to everyone who ran for our Board of Directors and will be supporting QPIRG Concordia in this way in the coming year. We would like to again thank everyone who served on our outgoing (2018-19) Board of Directors.
ii) Annual Report
Every year QPIRG Concordia produces a written Annual Report providing more detailed information than the AGM oral reports. The 2018-19 Annual Report (will be*) available online HERE.

Printed copies of our Annual Report are available at the QPIRG Concordia space.
Some highlights from the Annual Report include:
– Message from the Board of Directors (2018-19)
– Message from the QPIRG Concordia Staff
– Conflict Resolution & Complaints Committee Report
– QPIRG Board Committee Reports
– Core Projects and Activities Reports: Alternative Library; Convergence Journal; School Schmool Alternative Agenda; Disorientation
– Other Projects and Initiatives: Grassroots Resistance Archive, Fee Levy Advocacy at Concordia (FLAC)
– Programming and Working Groups Event Highlights
– Discretionary Funding and Endorsements
– Working Groups 2018-19
– Financial Reports: Draft Financial Statements 10/1/2018-08/31/2019; Audit Report ending August 31, 2019iii) Financial Information
Our most recent externally audited financial statements (year ending August 31, 2019) (will be)* be downloaded HERE.
We are expecting our audited statements for the fiscal year ending on August 31, 2019 to be ready later this year, or early 2020. Our Annual Report includes our Draft Financial Statements from October 2018 to August 2019 (inclusive).
QPIRG Concordia is registered as an Organisation à but non lucratif (OBNL) with the Régistre des enterprises du Québec. Our NEQ # is 1143320613.
iv) CRCC
As per our constitution, the AGM also elects a Conflict Resolution and Complaints Committee (CRCC). Our new CRCC for 2019-2020 will be comprised of the following QPIRG Concordia members who were elected at the AGM: Stephanie Dufresne, Andreas Figueroa, and Chole Raxlen.

v) Constitution

QPIRG Concordia’s AGM and day-to-day functioning is guided by our Constitution. Our up-to-date constitution is available HERE.
vi) Stay in touch
If you have any questions about this report-back, or any feedback, please share it with us at Visit our website for ongoing updates about the activities of QPIRG Concordia. Definitely get in touch if you’d like to get more involved with QPIRG Concordia core projects and activities.
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