Message from QPIRG CONCORDIA’s board of directors:

” Dear QPIRG Community,

We wanted to inform you about QPIRG’s stance on coronavirus (COVID-19). As you likely know, all universities in Quebec, including Concordia, are shut down until March 29th, barring any developments that may extend this period. To mitigate risk of spreading this virus and to promote social distancing as an act of solidarity for those most vulnerable to it, the QPIRG space will also close its doors following this timeframe.

Staff will be working remotely, and working groups will unfortunately not be able to use the space in a substantive way. We invite working groups to use virtual means of meeting, such as Zoom or meet.jit.si. For those who have key access, the security desk will not give you the key, but will accompany you to space if you need to drop off/pick something up.
We understand this situation is stressful for many people, both in a personal and interpersonal capacity, and it can be hard not to be bombarded with alarming news, updates and emails about this situation. We would like to add that, while we take these precautionary measures, we stand firmly opposed to racist presuppositions and racially-fueled alarmism—particularly anti-Asian racism—that have unfortunately manifested along with this pandemic. We also stand in solidarity with those with precarious employment whose livelihoods are affected by this pandemic, as well as those who feel vulnerable given the recent border closures.
As a community hub, QPIRG recognizes the importance of meaningful interaction and social cooperation, and we call on our working groups, space users and supporters to always stand in solidarity to fight racism, liberalism and border imperialism, and to protect those vulnerable to this public health crisis at this crucial time.
Thank you very much for your collaboration.
In solidarity,
QPIRG’s Board of Directors ”
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