DisOrientation 2021: Call for Workshop Proposals


Are you a facilitator? Are you interested in event planning? Do you have an idea for a cool workshop? Submit your workshop or event proposal to DisOrientation 2021!

***What is DisOrientation?

DisOrientation is a free alternative orientation at Concordia University for new and returning students, members of the campus & the larger community. In the past, DisOrientation has included a wide range of activities for all interests, including introductory workshops on social and environmental justice, readings, film screenings, tours, community markets, and more!

This year, DisOrientation will take place in the last week of September and the first week of October. It is open to everyone in the community, but many events will be centred around Concordia.

DisOrientation will take on a hybrid format. Most workshops will take place online – but other events, such as film screenings and our community market, may be in person!

***What are we looking for?

DisOrientation currently has no theme, but we are looking for workshops that are community-driven, social justice oriented, and anti-oppressive. We hope to host events on a wide array of topics in order to offer a safe space for all participants and highlight Concordia and Montreal’s activist communities.

Some examples of workshops (feel free to apply with one of these ideas if you’d like!):
Urban foraging 101;
Student activism 101;
Defunding the police;
Anti-oppressive journalism;
Alternative research methods;
Understanding Palestine;
And more!

Some examples of events:
Poetry Night;
Film Screening;
Community Paint Night;
Themed tour…

All workshops must:
Present the topic at an introductory level, offering a background of the topic;
Encourage participants to learn through interactive, non-verbal, and participatory means;
Relate to social and/or environmental justice from a grassroot, anti-colonial, and anti-racist perspective;

If the workshop is not in English, please state the language in the description.

We encourage, and will be giving priority to, BIPOC facilitators, as well as workshops regarding issues facing BIPOC.

***How can you get involved?

If you are interested in facilitating a workshop or planning a workshop, you can apply to the DisOrientation Application google form. We are also open to any other kinds of collaborations, so if you have a creative idea, feel free to reach out to us by email at disorientationqpirg@gmail.com

Facilitators will receive an honorarium of at least $200.