Annual General Meeting 2022

It’s time for the 2022 QPIRG-C Annual General Meeting (AGM)!!!

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about QPIRG-C to find out all about our resources, projects, and plans! We hear from the board, staff, working groups, and members about everything that has happened/not happened in the past year, and we also vote in our new Board of Directors and Conflict and Complaints Committee.

If you’re interested in grassroots community resistance – programming and publications like the School Schmool Alternative Agenda, the Alternative Library, DisOrientation, the Grassroots Resistance Archive, workshops, and more – then do join us this 19th of October, at 6pm!

Show your support and exercise your rights as a member!

– Yearly financial statements
– Annual reports from staff and working groups
– Election of Board of Directors
– Election of Conflict Resolution and Complaints Committee (CRCC)


Board and CRCC :
Would you like to be directly involved in a community organization. How about joining QPIRG Concordia’s Board of Directors?!
OR, if you have a little less time to commit but still would like to be involved, join the Conflict Resolution and Complaints Committee!
ALL QPIRG members are invited to attend and are encouraged to consider running for the Board of Directors and the CRCC. To ensure everyone is clear on the process and the expectations of the role, please make sure to send an email to briefly discuss running for the board prior to the AGM.
For more information about this, and information about how to apply, please send an email to:
Any Questions?
Email us at