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Consider being a Working Group! (2016-17)

- Are you part of a grassroots group that organizes around a specific issue, idea, project or campaign?
- Consider being a Working Group of QPIRG Concordia!

- Deadline for applications is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2016 at 5pm.
- Any questions? Contact: jaggi@qpirgconcordia.org or 514-848-7585
- More info below.

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at Concordia is a social and environmental justice center, making campus-community links for social change. We strive to raise awareness and support grassroots activism around diverse social and environmental isues, rooted in an anti-oppression analysis and practice.

What is a Working Group?

Working Groups are the heart of QPIRG Concordia. They are groups of volunteers who want to organize around a specific issue, idea, project or campaign. Working Groups usually organize around ongoing or long-term issues, though some focus on a particular theme or short-term topic. Working groups can be comprised of both students and community members. Our current Working Groups organize on a wide variety of issues ranging from anti-war organizing to prison justice, from art skillsharing to immigrant rights, from international solidarity to independent media.  This year’s Working Groups, and previous Working Groups, are listed below.

How does QPIRG Concordia support a Working Group?

By becoming a Working Group, you are able to access QPIRG Concordia for administrative and staff support, as well as office space and resources. QPIRG resources available to Working Groups include: a budget; access to photocopying, fax and phone; computer and internet access; access to the QPIRG space for meetings; access to other resources such as megaphones, bike trailer, projector, childcare materials, stationery, paint supplies and more. QPIRG can also help your Working Group with grants, as well as to make links to organizing on campus and in the community.

How to become a Working Group?

1) If you’re not aware of QPIRG Concordia already, get to know us by visiting our website – www.qpirgconcordia.org — or coming by our space during office hours.

2) Download the Working Group Application Form & Working Groups Reciprocity Agreement.

READ the Reciprocity Agreement, and READ & COMPLETE the Application Form.
-> The Working Groups Application Form (2016-17) is available for download here: www.qpirgconcordia.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/WGApplicationForm2016-17.doc
-> The Working Groups Reciprocity Agreement (2016-17) is available for download here: www.qpirgconcordia.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/ReciprocityAgreement2016-17.doc

3) At any point, don’t hesitate to contact our Working Groups Coordinator with any questions: jaggi@qpirgconcordia.org or 514-848-7585

Deadline for applications is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27 before 5pm. Please send your application by e-mail to jaggi@qpirgconcordia.org

Current (2015-16) QPIRG Concordia Working Groups:
- Abundance Project
- Accessibilize Montreal
- Certain Days Political Prisoner Calendar Committee
- Collectif Opposé à la Brutalité Policière
- Collectif TechnoLibre
- Comité d’action des personnes sans-statut / Non-status Action Committee
- Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC)
- C-Uni-T (Community-University-Talks)
- Decolonizing Street Art
- L’École-Libre Radicale de Mtl Rad School
- Équipe Sonore / Sound Team
- Filipino Indigenous People’s Organization in Quebec (FIPOQ)
- Justice for Victims of Police Killings
- Mad Pride “mtl”
- March 8 Committee Women of Diverse Origins
- Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Collective
- Montreal Childcare Collective
- Open Door Books Montreal / Livres-Accès Montréal
- Outrage au Tribunal / Contempt of Court: Legal Clinic by and for Social Movements
- Prisoner Correspondence Project
- Projections Insurgées
- Québec accessible
- Queer Between the Covers
- Qouleur Qollective
- Reclaim Turtle Island / Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition:
- Recon
- Sidetracks Screenprinting Collective
- Solidarité sans frontières / Solidarity Across Borders
- subMedia.tv

Some past working groups of QPIRG-Concordia include:
Alcan’t in India; Anarchist Reading Circle; Anarchist Tech Support; Anti-Canada Committee; Anti-Colonial Solidarity Committee; Asian Arts Freedom School, Assemblée Populaire et Autonome de Montréal (APAM); Block the Empire Montreal; Brown Birthing Network; Centre Social Autogéré de Pointe-Saint-Charles; – CIEM (Colectivo de Inmigrantes Españoles en Montreal); Colours of Resistance Montreal; Comité soutien Dany Villanueva; Dignidad Migrante; Ethnoculture; Committee to Support Kader Belaouni; Common Front; Countershot; End Exploitation; Haiti Action Montreal; Ici La Otra; Independent Media Center (IMC-Montreal); Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM); Initiative de Vidéo Stratégique; International Solidarity Movement (ISM); Kanehsatake Garden Project; Life After Life; LCP (Live-in Caregiver Program) Focus Group; Mad Autonomous Solidarity Collective (MASC); Mexico-Montreal; Not In Our Name – Concordia; Parc X Citizens’ Committee; Political Prisoner Solidarity Project; Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie (PASC); Qteam; Résovélo; SNAP! Moving to Our Own Beats; Ste Emilie Skillshare; Tadamon! Montreal; Women in Gear/Les Dérailleuses; W.O.R.D. (Writing Our Rhymes Down); and many others!

Some groups and projects that evolved from QPIRG-Concordia’s working groups in the past include:
Right to Move/La Voie Libre; Popular Film Series (evolved into Cinema Politica); Urgence Manif; Sustainable Concordia; Blood Sisters; Un Juste Café; Santropol Roulant; Concordia Recycling and Composting Committee; Vegan Lunch Program (became People’s Potato); Project Take Root (evolved into Frigo Vert); Action Rebut; ASEED (became Equiterre); and others!

-> At any point, don’t hesitate to contact our Working Groups Coordinator with any questions: jaggi@qpirgconcordia.org or 514-848-7585
-> The deadline for Working Group applications is OCTOBER 27 2016 before 5pm. Please send your application by e-mail to jaggi@qpirgconcordia.org