Callout for submissions: ART IN ACTION (deadline: FRIDAY 5pm)

Creative student & community contributions related to social & environmental justice

-> Contribute artwork to the ART IN ACTION fall exhibition!
deadline for submissions: SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 at 5pm.

ART IN ACTION highlights creative student and community contributions related to social and environmental justice issues through diverse mediums including: drawing, painting, photography, performance, film & video, installation, music, spoken word, zine, collage, water colour, poster, and print.
ART IN ACTION is affiliated with the Study in Action Undergraduate and Community Research Conference, a core project of QPIRG Concordia & QPIRG McGill. Art in Action is also co-sponsored by QPIRG Concordia.
Last year, ART IN ACTION was a one-week long exhibit on the 7th floor of the Hall Building, and was also exhibited in other campus and community spaces throughout the month of March, with the participation of thirty artists. For more info about Art in Action (March 2012), visit:
We are currently seeking submissions for the ART IN ACTION fall exhibition.  ART IN ACTION themes can include:
* art and alternative media
* economics, austerity, and anti-capitalism
* environmental justice
* food sovereignty
* gender and feminism
* geopolitics and international solidarity
* health, bodily sovereignty and harm reduction
* indigenous sovereignty and de-colonization
* migration
* prisoner justice and policing
* public space, poverty and gentrification
* radical education and pedagogy
* sex and sexuality

[don’t hesitate to suggest other topics]
Please send an e-mail to with “Art In Action Submission” in the subject line . Please include all of the following information clearly:
a) description: Please send a 250-word description, exactly as it will appear in our publicity.
b) artist name: Please provide your name, exactly as it will appear in our publicity.
c) mini-bio: Provide a short (3-4 lines) description of the artist, exactly as it will appear in our publicity.
d) affiliation(s): Please include any relevant affiliations (college/university faculty; websites; art galleries).
e) installation parameters: Please provide details about how your artwork should be installed and/or performed.
f) jpg attachments: Please include, if possible, jpg attachments of the artwork(s) you are submitting for consideration.
g) motivation: If necessary, include more information about your submission, and how it relates to ART IN ACTION.
h) contact information: Provide an e-mail address so that the ART IN ACTION collective can stay in touch.
Send all of the above information to with “Art In Action Submission” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 at 5pm.