Artists/Designers: The Community-University Research Exchange is seeking a new logo!

The Community-University Research Exchange (CURE) is looking for a new logo design!
The deadline to submit a logo design is August 15th at 6pm.
The winning logo will be awarded a 100$ honorarium.

This callout is open to all interested artists & designers.
The Community-University Research Exchange (CURE) is a project by which students can integrate their academic research with the work of local movements and activist organizations. By connecting students to non-profit community groups with limited resources, we hope to encourage and support academic research that is socially relevant.
We are seeking new logo proposals. In particular, we are interested in logos that visually communicate the ideas and principles that motivate us; specifically an alternative to the system of privilege through which universities operate and conduct research. We would also love a logo that speaks to our belief in non-hierarchical collaborations in which university students contribute their academic skills to community directed research initiatives, and that also speaks to the value of knowledge outside of the academic sphere.
Our current logo is at the top of the following website:
NOTE: Your proposed logo design does not need to incorporate the letters C-U-R-E, and we definitely encourage completely different designs.
The selected logo will be featured on the CURE website and be used in our promotional materials (including a new flyer and pamphlet).
Please check out the CURE website to learn more about us:
When you submit your design:
* Send your logo proposal as a jpg file to BEFORE August 15 at 6pm.
* Write “logo submission” in the subject line of your email
* Include your name, as well as your phone number and e-mail address
If you have any questions, please e-mail or phone 514-848-7585.