“Eat Well & Rebel”: Attacks on Unions: A warning from the postal workers

The Lounge Speaker Series presents:
Attack on Unions: A Warning from the Postal Workers
Speaker: Dave Bleakney, National Representative of the Canadian Postal Workers Union (CUPW-STTP)
7th Floor CSU Lounge (1455 de Maisonneuve West)

The Lounge Speaker Series and QPIRG Concordia invite students, staff and the public to attend our third of many lunchtime speaking events and assemblies on political and economic issues. We are proud to be hosting a representative from CUPW to speak about the attack on unions throughout North America and CUPW’s own struggle over the summer with management that eventually led to the controversial decision by the Harper Government to step in and impose a new contract.

Bring a lunch or grab some food at the People’s Potato. Come learn about and discuss union struggles in the 21st century with someone at the frontline.  Make sure to stay for Q&A and assembly where you can join in on the discussion.

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“Eat well and rebel!”
Next Event:
October 21st – Media Concentration in Canada and Alternatives
Guests: Laura Kneale, station manager CUTV
Tim McSorley, representative from the Montreal Media Co-op
The Lounge Speakers Series is an independent effort of Concordia students, co-sponsored by QPIRG Concordia.