Panel Presentations at Study In Action (March 3-4)

Undergraduate students and community activists will together be presenting their community-based social justice research on the following seven panels. For more info, consult

i) Criminalization and Resistance (Saturday, March 3, 10:30am)
– Police Abuse and Access to Legal Services in Quebec City (Emilie Guimond-Bélanger, Ligue des droits et libertés)
– Organizing against Police Impunity (Julie Matson, Justice for the Victims of Police Killings)
– Understanding and Resisting Double Punishment (Robyn Maynard, No One Is Illegal- Montreal)
– The Criminalization of Student Protest at McGill University (Christian Scott, McGill University)
ii) Bodily Sovereignty and Disability Politics (Saturday, March 3, 1:30pm)
– Unbounded Embodiment vs. Containment and Control: A Critical Analysis of Fatphobia: A Critical Analysis of Fatphobia (Andrea DeBruijn, Concordia University)
– The Language of Pain:  Pain as a Noun, Verb and Narrative (Simone Lucas, McGill University, with Eve Sanders)
– Choreographing Inclusive Spaces: How Dance, Architecture and Disability Collide (Ariel Appel, McGill University)
– Disability and the Militarization of Urban Spaces: Configuring Radical Accessibility and Communities of Support in Contexts of War (Al Blair, McGill University)
iii) Transgender Health, Research, and Resources (Saturday, March 3, 3:30pm)
– The default Trans (Gabrielle Bouchard, Concordia University)
– Centralizing Community Knowledge: Reflecting on the Creation of Trans Community Resources (Jackson Ezra, Action Santé TravestiEs et TransexuelLEs du Québec – ASSTeQ)
iv) Exploring Contested Spaces (Saturday, March 3, 3:30pm)
– Gentrification, Consultation and Resistance: The Case of Shaughnessy Village (Kelly Pennington, Concordia University/Right to the City)
– Montreal’s Security Industrial Complex (Cleve Higgins, People’s Commission Network)
– Witnessing and Photography in Student Movements (Allison Cooper, McGill University)
– Place and Displacement: Mapping Narratives of Kouchibouguac (Julia Gregory, Concordia University)
v) Anti-Violence, Hip Hop and Rock & Roll: Youth Organizing In Montreal (Sunday, March 4, 1:30pm)
– South Asian Youth (SAY) and Anti-Racist Feminist Organizing (South Asian Youth is a working group of the South Asian Women’s Community Center)
– Writing Our Rhymes Down… into curriculum (Lindsay Lichty, Concordia University/W.O.R.D. (Writing Our Rhymes Down))
– Rebel girls: Creating a space for female empowerment and education (Heather Hardie, Concordia University/Rock Camp for Girls)
vi) Indigenous Resistance and Survival (Sunday, March 4, 1:30pm)
– Taking Responsibility for Violence Against Indigenous Women (Candice Cascanette, Concordia University/Missing Justice)
– Otepemisiwak: Armed Métis Nationhood, 1818-1885 (William Leonard Felepchuk, University of Ottawa)
– Examining the Increasing Rates of Homelessness Amongst Inuit Women in Montreal (Carly Seltzer, Concordia University)
vii) Alternative Pedagogies – Challenging the Academy (Sunday, March 3, 3:30pm)
– Voices and Abortion Access in Canada (Lindsay Beattie, Concordia University)
– Music Education as a Tool for Preserving Dominant Canadian Culture (Jillian Sudayan, McGill University)
– The University of the Streets Cafe: Conversation for a Learning Society (Sarine Makdessian, Concordia University)
– Aboriginal Education: Subsidized School or Colonial Tool (Micheala Holt, Concordia University)