Workshops at Study In Action (March 3-4)

The following community workshops will be presented during the weekend of Study In Action (March 3-4). For detailed information, consult:

– The Cirque Social: An alternative and inclusive space to outreach creatively to marginalized people (Saturday, March 3, 1:30pm)
presented by Le cirque social (Montreal)
Multi-media Play: Parole sans parole, the prequel: The Vulture (Saturday, March 3, 3pm)
presented by the Termite Collective (Montreal)
– Occupy What?! A critical look at Occupy Movements Within and Beyond Montreal (Sunday, March 3, 10:30am)
with Suresh Naidu (Columbia University/Occupy Wall Street), Emily Ekelund (Concordia University) and participants in Occupy Montreal
– Anti-authoritarian Media in Quebec (Sunday, March 3, 3:30pm)
presented by Aaron Lakoff & Sandra Jeppesen (Collectif de recherche sur l’autonomie collectif-Québec)