Notice of proposed QPIRG constitutional amendment

Posted by e-mail and on QPIRG’s website.
The following constitutes notice of proposed amendment to the QPIRG Concordia Constitution, to be considered and voted at the upcoming QPIRG Concordia Annual General Meeting, to take place on October 9, 2014.
Click here to consult the current QPIRG Constitution.
The QPIRG Concordia Board of Directors is proposing one amendment to the Constitution. The constitutional amendment is listed below.
If there are any questions concerning the proposed amendment, please contact QPIRG Concordia at
— The QPIRG Concordia Board of Directors

AMENDMENT # 1: Feminine pronoun

We propose to strike the single sentence preamble at the very beginning of the Constitution.
Specifically, we propose to strike the following sentence:

For the purpose of clarity, the feminine pronoun is used throughout this document. It is meant to refer to people of all genders.

MOTIVATION: The use of the female pronoun to refer to all genders is problematic. Gender neutral language is more neutral and, in any case, the constitution itself does not actually have any gendered language in it.