SCHOOL SCHMOOL: The ad-free, anti-corporate organizer & alternative agenda

[SCHOOL SCHMOOL, the ad-free, anti-corporate organizer and alternative agenda, is now available at both QPIRG McGill and QPIRG Concordia and other locations. More info below. Please share this announcement!]
SCHOOL SCHMOOL is an alternative, activist organizer for both McGill and Concordia students, as well as the broader Montreal community. It includes engaging articles, resources and practical tools for both students and non-students alike to participate in social and environmental justice activism, and also serves as a useful day planner to organize your busy activist or academic schedules.
This year’s SCHOOL SCHMOOL includes three main sections:
i) The Issues – to educate us and inspire action and resistance
ii) The Groups – to help us get involved with the community
iii) The Agenda – to organize our busy lives
Some of the articles in this year’s agenda includes:
– Anarchism 101
– Intersectional Feminism
– Intoxication and Recovery
– Harm Reduction
– Diversity of Tactics
– Getting Pronouns Right
– Migrant Justice on Stolen Native Land
– Indigenous Sovereignty or Lack Thereof
– Why Accessibilize Montreal?
– An Introduction to Montreal’s Housing Struggles
– Language Politics and Race in Quebec
– Navigating White Supremacy in a University Setting: From One POC to Another

And more!
There is beautiful artwork in the agenda and this year, the agenda section and calendars are all hand-drawn by a variety of talented Montreal artists. We hope that this ad-free, corporate-free agenda will be useful to the broader Montreal community whether you are a newcomer to activism, already actively involved, or are just curious!
SCHOOL SCHMOOL is now available at either QPIRG McGill or QPIRG Concordia during our office hours:
3647 University, 3rd floor
(McGill metro)
Office hours: Monday-Friday 11am-5pm
contact: 514-398-7432 or
QPIRG Concordia
1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204
(Guy-Concordia metro)
space is wheelchair accessible
Office hours: Monday-Thursday 12pm-6pm
contact: 514-848-7585 or

You can also pick up SCHOOL SCHMOOL at other campus and community venues. Updated locations will be listed on our websites.
You can get a copy of SCHOOL SCHMOOL by donation ($1 or $2 suggested donation).