QPIRG Concordia Annual General Meeting & Open House! (October 9)

Join us for QPIRG Concordia’s Open House & Annual General Meeting (AGM)!
Thursday, October 9th
Open House – 5:30pm // AGM – 6:30pm
1500, de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204

Free food served at 5:30pm.
Our space is wheelchair accessible. Children welcome!

• Interested in QPIRG Concordia?
• Want to get involved? Visit our space? Check out the library?
Show your support and exercise your rights as a member!
The meeting will include an introduction to some of QPIRG’s activities, resources and campaigns, as well as the election of our board of directors and conflict resolution and complaints committee.
* We have doors approximately 30”, an elevator and an accessible women’s washroom, but as yet no automated doorways.
**Free childcare provided during the AGM, from 6:30pm until the end of the meeting. Please give 48 hours notice to let us know if children will be joining you.
***Everyone is invited to attend, though you must be a member to vote or run for the board or the conflict resolution and complaints committee. To become a member, you can: volunteer at least 10 hours per year OR pay $10 OR be a Concordia undergrad or graduate student (bring your student ID).

****There is a proposal for a constitutional amendment to our current constitution on the agenda. Please visit the following link for detailed info on the proposed constitutional amendment:https://www.qpirgconcordia.org/?p=5133
For more information, call: 514-848-7585, email info@qpirgconcordia.org or check out our website at www.qpirgconcordia.org
QPIRG Concordia Annual General Meeting Agenda (October 9, 2014)
1) Introduction
2) Presentation and Approval of Agenda
3) Approval of 2013 AGM Minutes
4) Constitutional change
5) QPIRG and Core Project Reports
i)      Board of Directors Report
ii)    Staff Reports: Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator; Finance and Fundraising Coordinator; Programming and Working Groups Coordinator
iii)   Core Projects and other activities: Community-University Research Exchange; Study In Action; Art In Action; School Schmool; Alternative Library; Convergence; Disorientation
6) Questions about Reports
7) Candidates and Elections for Conflict Resolution and Complaints Committee (CRCC)
8) Candidates and Elections for QPIRG Concordia Board of Directors
9) Community Event Announcements
10) Election Results
11) Adjournment
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