Abolitionist Book Club! Starting Jan 2024

STARTING 31 JANUARY 2024, 6:30pm @ QPIRG Concordia (2100 Guy, #205)

Join us for our monthly book/podcast/articles club, in person or online!

6:30pm 2hrs – last Wednesday of the month (feb 28, mar 27, apr 24, may 29)

Feb 27 reading: SESSION 1 (primary readings) from Abolitionist Futures reading list
***Mar 19 talk: Prison Abolition 101 with Prisoner Correspondence Project***
Mar 27 reading: SESSION 2 (primary readings)
Apr 24 reading: SESSION 3 (primary readings)
May 29 reading: SESSION 4 (primary readings)

Join us, even if you haven’t read/listened to the material, you’re welcome!

We will be learning about:

  • Theory and Values of Abolition
  • Reality of Military, Prisons, and Police in Canada and Worldwide
  • Organizing against the State
  • Co-constructing alternate systems
  • Applying abolition in our day to day life

We will learn about what the prison-police-military complex is costing us, what reality is like for those surviving under the thumb of these institutions, how they have resisted and resist, and what all those resources could do if they were allotted liberatory destinations.

We will read and discuss theory from abolitionists like Angela Davis and Ruth Wilson Gilmore. We will follow the Abolitionist Futures syllabus (found here) to start with, and supplement with the ‘Abolition in so-called Canada’ syllabus (found here) and study the intersections between poverty, race, indigeneity, homelessness, gender identity and more. We will be inspired by movements, actions, collectives & individuals who have built and are building new worlds that defy what we were told is possible. And we will talk about how the values and principles of abolition translate into our daily life.

There will be books to read, but also texts, podcasts and maybe some live guest speakers :).

Join us! 🙂

Day:  Last Wednesday of the month (feb 28, mar 27, apr 24, may 29)
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
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  • Summary of each reading
    • The facilitator will provide a summary of each of the readings. Other members will add in any other information they consider important as well.
  • Facilitated Discussion

(to let us know, either fill out the email sign up form, or send us an email at sharone@qpirgconcordia.org)