QPIRG Concordia is hiring a Finance and Fundraising Coordinator

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, March 17th @5pm.

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia is a resource centre for student and community research and organizing. We strive to raise awareness and support grassroots activism around diverse social and environmental issues. Our work is rooted in an anti-oppression analysis and practice. We seek to make campus-community links and inspire social change through engaging, inclusive and non-hierarchical approaches.

Along with the shared role of organization coordination, the Finance and Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the financial activities of QPIRG and ensuring financial accountability, transparency and accessibility in an organization that includes three permanent staff, part-time staff, 20+ working groups and multiple core projects.  She/he also researches and coordinates fundraising efforts and legal responsibilities. A full job description is available on request.

Sole Responsibilities:
• Financial Coordination (re: annual and project budgets, revenues, expenses, cashflow, payroll, bills, audits, training, etc.)
• Fundraising and Grant Writing
• Legal Relations
Responsibilities Shared with Co-Coordinators:
• Office Coordination and Organization
• Maintaining Board and Staff Relations
• Outreach and Community Building
• Reception and Internal Communications Coordination
• Project Coordination (e.g. Alternative Orientation, Study In Action, Resource Centre, etc.)
• Organizational Publicity Development
• Basic Office Tech Support
• Minimum 3 years of experience (paid or volunteer) in community organizing, activism, and mobilization
• Experience in budget maintenance and management
• Good understanding of the structure and day-to-day operations of non-profits and/or community organizations (ie. board, staff, and volunteers)
• Ability to support and organize with both volunteers and staff
• Extensive experience with consensus decision-making and facilitation
• Anti-oppression analysis and proficiency in applying this to all levels of decision-making
• Ability to work non-hierarchically in groups
• Ability to work with a broad range of people and political perspectives
• Ability to work autonomously
• Commitment to social change, and to QPIRG’s mandate to fight all forms of oppression
• Bilingual in spoken French and English
• Comfortable with computers
• Experience with programming events and running campaigns
• Experience with event publicity and outreach
• Basic knowledge of desktop publishing, graphic design and web design programs (eg. Photoshop & WordPress or equivalents)
• Knowledge of Montreal-area community groups
• Excellent knowledge and awareness of political, social, economic and environmental issues
• Ability to work occasional irregular hours
• Ability to problem-solve and prioritize tasks in a very busy work environment
• Experience with bookkeeping and accounting practices
• Familiarity with Concordia University, its institutions, and the campus milieu
• Experience in student organizing
• Familiarity with PIRGs
• Experience in non-profit sector
• Experience with conflict resolution and mediation
• Strong graphic design and desktop publishing skills
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel or equivalent
• Knowledge of languages other than English and French, including sign languages
• Bilingual in written French and English
• Excellent writing skills
• Comfort and experience with public speaking
Employment equity:
QPIRG Concordia has an employment equity policy (full policy available upon request). People from marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. Please state in your cover letter that you would like to be considered for employment equity.
Contract duration:
This is a two-year renewable contract, beginning in early April 2011.
Starting salary is $18.46/hour for 30 hours a week (including some evening and weekend work) as well as 2 weeks of paid vacation and health benefits.
Office Accessibility:

Please note that QPIRG Concordia is located in a wheelchair accessible office. There is a wheelchair access ramp at the front of the building, with two 40″ non-automated doors in the front. The office is located on the second floor, accessed with an elevator. The doors to the office and the washroom are non-automated and 30″ and 33” wide respectively. There is one wheelchair accessible washroom located in the women’s washroom. QPIRG Concordia is also a scent-free and chemical-free space.

How to apply:
For more information, including the full job description and the employment equity policy, contact QPIRG-Concordia at (514) 848-7585, or email us at hiring@qpirgconcordia.org.
-> Please send us your cover letter and CV, by e-mail or mail, BEFORE 5pm on THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2011. Please indicate “Attn: Finance and Fundraising Coordinator Hiring Committee” on your e-mail or letter.
Mailing Address:
QPIRG Concordia
1455 de Maisonneuve West,
Montreal, QC, H3G 1M8
E-mail: hiring@qpirgconcordia.org
For more information about QPIRG Concordia, please visit our website www.qpirgconcordia.org or come by the office! Our office is located at 1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204 (office hours: Monday to Thursday between 12-6pm)
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