FRIDAY: “Eat Well & Rebel”: Predatory Capitalism & the End of Sovereignty

The Lounge Speaker Series & QPIRG Concordia present:

Predatory Capitalism and the End of Sovereignty


– Kari Levitt Polanyi, Emerita Professor of Economics, McGill University

– Jaggi Singh, member of Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes (CLAC)

The Lounge Speaker Series and QPIRG Concordia invite students, staff and the public to attend our first of many lunchtime speaking events and assemblies on political and economic issues. We are proud to be hosting renowned political economist Kari Polanyi Levitt and Jaggi Singh, activist and member of the Convergence des Luttes Anticapitalistes (CLAC) as our first guests.
Bring a lunch or grab some food at the People’s Potato. Come learn about and discuss the global economic and financial crisis and what is being done around Montreal against the radical transformation of the global economy. Make sure to stay for Q&A and assembly where you can join in on the discussion of “what now?”
“Eat well and rebel!”
Upcoming Event:
October 7 – Activism and Research in Turbulent Times
Guests: Dr. Anna Kruzynski, Professor at the School of Public and Community Affaires
Lex Gill – CSU President
TBA – Community-University Research Exchange